Intricate patterns.

Simple living. 

Not a single book, webinar or Youtube tutorial can ever replace a human connection: the energy of imparting knowledge, the excitement of receiving it, and those delightful ´a-ha!´ moments when an attentive teacher with one exact move or word reveals you the trick behind a seemingly undefeatable knot.


Now, imagine when learning face-to-face from an inspiring artist comes with a change of familiar surroundings and proximity to the Ocean; when you find yourself among people who share your passion; and when everything is thoughtfully organized and prepared so you can dive fully into the process.

This is what our Macrame Retreat is all about.

Let your mind slow down,

Let your eyes and body celebrate,

While you are tapping into your creative potential

One knot at a time.

Meet Fanny Zedenius, a Swedish macrame artist who began her journey back in 2014, before modern macramé had made its big comeback in Europe. Her extraordinary skills and creative ideas paired with original approach in sharing them quickly made her one of the most prominent macramé artists in northern Europe. In 2015, she began teaching macramé to an increasingly curious audience and went on to cater the fast-growing need for macramé supplies.


Tow years later, Fanny´s passion for macrame and for sharing her knowledge found their exit on the pages of her first book Macramé – the craft of creative knotting for your home which became the number one bestseller in different crafting categories on Amazon for several months straight. It has sold over 60.000 copies worldwide and has been translated into seven languages.




Meet Joana Limão, the person with a very important, we´d say sacred mission for our retreat. Joana is our on-site chef, even though that is a rather boring way to describe this artist with outstanding cooking skills.

Joana´s path to her own project Please Consider restaurant sector is a wonderful example of a person following her passion and listening to her heart. From hectic tourism and restauration sector, she turned to recipe developing, menu consulting, food photography and blogging, all of which she sees as powerful media to share her broader vision that manifests slow, conscious living, full of love and gratitude. 


Thus, Joana´s participation in the retreat is not only about spoiling us with thoughtful and delicious plates daily but inspiring us for something bigger.

During the Macrame Retreat, Fanny will not only go through dozens of technical aspects of macrame but also reveal her insights on something which is equally important to every creator: artistic integrity, finding own style and artistic voice.


Russian in her origins, has been living in Portugal for three years, and that's where her home is. At this stage, Valeriya is involved with longboard scene in Portugal and runs the project called Longboarding Days and Nights.



Valeriya went freelance last year to pursue her passions in longboarding, copywriting and translating as well as dedicate herself to organizing events and camps in Portugal. She strives to create fulfilling experiences where people connect, have fun, and grow together.



She will be your contact person online and take care of whichever it is that you may need during the retreat, Thus, on-site mama :)



Macramé is an ancient craft that has made a major comeback over the last five years. With just your hands and some cord, you can create truly intricate and impressive art pieces. One of the reasons that macramé has stolen the hearts of so many people is that the practice of tying knots can be remarkably meditative and therapeutic. During our week together, we will be fully immersed in the magic of macramé with a great combination of tranquil crafting and extensive learning!


The workshop program is designed to ease you into your most creative self with six three-hour classes and access to plenty of quality materials. Your ambitions and skill level will be assessed to individualize the coaching before you begin learning every trick and secret to mastering macramé. You will learn how to plan your own projects, prepare your materials, use a variety of knots and techniques and ultimately find your own artistic style. During the retreat, you will create at least three macramé pieces including your own masterpiece and practice enough to become a skilled and confident knotter!






Who is this macrame retreat for?





Maybe you have already worked with macramé or perhaps it’s a new and exciting craft for you to explore – this week is for complete beginners and people with previous experience of macramé alike! Individualized coaching and guidance will make sure you get the most out of the experience whether you are planning on launching a macramé business or simply wish to join a week of tranquil and mindful crafting.

In other words, this retreat is for:





















  • Anyone who has always been attracted to the art of macrame but never gave it a try.


  • Anyone who does macrame or any other crafts occasionally but would like to build a solid base and get more into the subject.


  • Passionate macrame-makers in search of new knots, techniques, and fresh ideas! Perfect for those who want smth more and different but feels stagnated.


  • Anyone who strives to make a living out of their hobby.


  • Professional macrame-makers who need the time just for themselves to pause, get inspired and reset.


  • Anyone whose work is connected with decor/interior design/event styling






week program