Surf, Yoga & Skate

A week escape to the kingdom of ornaments and colors to bask in the sun rays, surf endless peelers, meditate to the sound of surf, and skate perfect roads. We will settle in a corner so magic we almost wanted to keep it to ourselves in the beginning. But they say happiness is only real when shared, so we invite you to come along!


This trip is composed to be a rich, intense experience, where you definitely won't have time to check your phone and where the moments of rest will taste as sweet as honey. Especially, when rocking gently in a hammock overlooking the bay blazing with sunset colors!


Julia on her cornerstone principles of working:


Less is more and simplicity shapes the way I teach and the way I practice myself. The only thing required is your body and the curiosity to explore.

Unlearning is the base for moving with an open mind and a relaxed body. Deconstructing old patterns in a group setting creates space for new flows and allows you to see your body and mind in a completely different shade.

Every human is unique and deserves a customized practice, that targets their specific needs. In my classes I work with young children, students in their seventies, competitive athletes, parcours artists, fighters, surfers and climbers as well as with persons who suffer from an injury or want to lose weight and get more toned.

Movement is a human need and with every single class I try to create a safe space, that allows my students to find satisfaction and joy throughout free movement.





the people


Julia has been practicing various kinds of yoga for the last ten years. Originally from Germany, today she lives and teaches in Carcavelos, Lisbon. Julia draws inspiration from the practices she has been doing by herself for the last decades. Twelve years of Hatha practice, two years of Ashtanga and pilates, and almost a decade of ballet have become the foundation she builds her classes and workshops upon.



Russian in her origins, Valeriya has been living in Portugal for three years, and that's where her home is. At this stage, Valeriya is involved with longboard scene in Portugal and runs the project called Longboarding Days and Nights.



Valeriya went freelance last year to pursue her passions in longboarding, copywriting and translating as well as dedicate herself to organizing events and camps in Portugal. She strives to create fulfilling experiences where people connect, have fun, and grow together.



She will be your contact person online and take care of whichever it is that you may need during the retreat, 


Daniel is a self-taught photographer and cinematographer, living in Peniche, Portugal. His art grounds on infinite love for surfing, ever-going pursuit of simplicity, and insatiable hunger for travel.  Photographs he takes are distinguished by energizing landscapes, moments of bliss and adventurous spirit.


We are thrilled to have Daniel as a part of the team to document our adventure through his mind-blowing atmospheric photography and videography, both on land and on water, on wheels and on yoga mats.


(vegetarian and vegan options

available upon request)



what is included?


Moroccan-style lunches 

Moroccan-style dinners





 Nights accommodation in

the house with the view

of the bay. 





Surf lessons 

Longboard lessons

Yoga lessons

Movement workshops

Professional photography & video 

both on land and on water!